Shipment quantity received incorrect

Hi guys,

I have a few shipments where Amazon received less than what I sent. It says Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed.

Is there anyway I can still appeal this as I have proof of invoice which shows the amount I sent?

They will do their best to convince you it’s your own fault that the items are missing, clearly they are trained to turn people down for reimbursements. You just need to keep trying.

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I saw someone say on here that if you keep trying you will eventually get reimbursed.

I used to try but then gave up. As a result of what I read on here I picked a few shipments and decided to have another go. I have spent hours on the various cases but have failed on all of them.

I have just accepted it as a cost of doing business with Amazon. I tell myself all shops have shoplifters.

Still really annoys me though.


True. It works but takes you so much wasted time it’s not worth it. Most consider any occasional discrepancy as the cost of doing business, unfortunately.

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Because there’s no physical checks. There’s a customer service on the other side of the flat Earth telling you that they did their investigation in less than 24h. Basically they just confirm what you are already seeing in seller central. Stupid, we have to have a bloody union with lawyers.

Open a case. Provide product details and shipment information. Attach the invoice. Also, inform them of box weights and dimensions, consistent with the number of units shipped. Keep escalating the case until you’re on the verge of pulling your hair out if necessary, and you will get reimbursed.