Shipment issues

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out for advice and support regarding a frustrating situation I’m facing with Amazon. Recently, I submitted perfect pictures with scannable labels for an issue I was handling, and despite this, I received an email today indicating that my submission wasn’t checked properly. They are now trying to charge me for issues that I didn’t cause. For 18 quantity and with different shipment with 62 quantity. Everything was good . They received my shipment and status was closed . And now I can see all this mess !

I’m a small seller trying to make a profit with retail arbitrage, but it feels like every time I resolve one issue, they find another way to charge me. It’s getting difficult to sustain my business when these unfair charges keep eating into my profits.

Has anyone else faced similar issues? How did you handle them? Any tips on how to get Amazon support to actually acknowledge and resolve the problem? I’m worried about the financial impact and could really use some advice on how to navigate this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Maybe it’s a glitch because I got a couple of these this week.

I usually just dispute them and they remove them - ask them for evidence of the issue.

And of course, check your printer to ensure no smears or defects.