Sharing common scam attempts


I decided to start a thread so you can share any scams/ phishing attempts you come across related to Amazon… anything you find that helps others stay safe :eyes:

My first scam to share is this phishing message - a new way of trying to trick you, beware and don’t click on any links!


Walmart sellers be careful

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Good idea. I like it :clap:

Ohh , I received something similar from "Royal Mail "

I get quite a few of these phishing scams. This one came from USPS in the Philippines 🤔


A good friend of mine and a well-known member of this community just found out that someone has created a company in the UK under his own details (same name, same address). How is this possible? How can we verify if anyone is using our details? How can we avoid this? He mentioned that he only sent his documents and details to Amazon and no one else.

Yesterday, I had a look at my Experian account and saw a few alerts that my details are being sold online. I was like, what the heck?

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Experian is good as you can set alerts, however some banks report to them some to equifax and some to transunion so the only way to know is use this service I ask all my clients to do. FREE for first 30 days then monthly fee applies, if you can be cheeky and say that you want to cancle before 30 days they wil offer same for less price hahahah.

Affiliate link here this report is good that it shows all credit agencies and any activity that has happend on your account

This is a common breach of information. We don’t know if it is from Amazon or from your bank accounts or websites and apps that you have subscription. Most of these digital platforms have 3rd party service providers who handles customer’s data and informations and this is where the breach happen.

It’s easy to create a similar company online … even a space here or there would be able to do it . same as creating a new similar brand that lot of people do …

Do i still need experia if i have an account on checkmyfiles?

Amazon requires our details to be listed on our store fronts so l’m not surprised. We have to stay on top of this. You can set alerts up across all the credit reporting agencies.

Here are some of my recently received phishing e-mail messages:

From a Linkedin post:

Don’t you freaking dare EVER buy a “discount shipping label” from someone on Twitter, Discord, WeChat, etc. You know, those shipping labels that supposedly cost $1 to ship 15 lbs of stuff cross-country?

These are fake, photoshopped, or involve stolen credit card purchases. Always. There is no legitimate way to make shipping cost that little.

Your favorite content creator pushing these? Call them out and unfollow.

Your friend telling you to try this? Smack their forehead and give them a V8.

This is mail fraud. You can ACTUALLY go to jail for this, as can the person selling them to you.