Setup of my listing gone wrong

You guys, I’m having the hardest time adding my first product to Amazon! Errors left and right. 1. It tells me that I have to apply for an exemption to not have a product ID, when I apply it accepts me and even after the 30 minute wait period it makes me reapply over and over again. 2. Finally I bought a UPC from GS1 and its saying another product is using it. 3. When I try to upload photos I get this error: Maximum 0 images are allowed. This is so frustrating!! Why is it like this? Is it always like this? Any tips to fix the above? Yes, I have emailed their support team with ZERO help. HELP

Delete your exciting draft Listing and Create new from scratch. 50% chances your issue will be solved ( before 5/6 months I was faced with the same issue and solved this issue with delete and re-create)

If errors still occur then Contact GS-1 Site and provide them Screenshot of your Amazon error.