Setting up a store in the US

I am currently selling in Amazon UK via UK Ltd. Now, I want to expand in USA, can anyone guide me what will be the best way to sell in USA, do I need to register an LLC there or I can use my Ltd for Amazon USA.


I think the answer here depends on the scale of your business. A UK Ltd can sell in the US without much difficulty but if you go over certain thresholds of sales in individual states of the USA or if you store stock in one of the 50 states, then you are deemed to gain ‘nexus’ in that state and this means you need to register for taxes in that state.

The threshold varies state by state but as a general rule of thumb, if you’re selling more than $100k per state per year, you may need to register for tax (for larger states like NY and Cali it’s $500k but please also note that for some states it can also be triggered by the volume of sales you make in that state per year - yes, this is complicated!).

I’m sure there are experts who can provide more specialist advice but we’ve been selling from our UK Ltd in the US for several years both from our website and via Amazon FBA without any difficulties. I hope this helps.

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