Serial number barcodes on packaging

Hello everyone!

My first delivery to Amazon is underway.

A UPC and a serial number barcode are both printed on the packaging of my merchandise.

Is the serial number label something I should take off?

The items should only have one scannable barcode


What do I do about the barcodes already there? Can I cover them with a sticker? I don’t want to risk damaging the products by scratching the existing labels off.

Yes you can overlabel them.

@EPG_Sourcing might be correct but personally, I am not sure whether having a serial number barcode on the packaging which means nothing to a scanner at Amazon is a problem.

It’s a shame to lose the serial number so if you are concerned, overlabel them with a peelable sticker, ideally which states “Peel this label to reveal the serial number”. That’s my recommendation.

Just cover any existing barcodes with tape.

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I thought there was a policy requiring you to cover any additional barcodes to prevent confusion. Maybe @FunkyMonkey would have the scoop on this?

I see so many items coming from Amazon with multiple barcodes on the packaging, mostly electronic items, eg mobile phones. But those barcodes are in the wrong formats so they won’t be mistaken as being a product identifier, eg a UPC or EAN. The scanner will ignore them.

I have been covering all additional barcodes found on any product packaging ever since I started selling on Amazon as I remember there used to be a policy about it.

I can’t locate it anymore. It is possible that they changed it. The current one is only mentioning the shipping boxes rather than the units external packaging.