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I’d like to share my experience with this account, hoping it can give you some ideas to help manage your PPC tasks. This account contains over 1,000 SKUs with all bundle listings. Initially, the PPC campaign run was an Auto campaign with all SKUs in one campaign. However, this approach is not advisable if your goal is to increase sales and boost organic sales as well.

What I did was harvest all high ACOS keywords and high converting keywords into a Manual campaign and segregated each SKU according to niche. With a Manual campaign, we can control the KPI when it comes to CPC and budget allocation, unlike an Auto campaign where Amazon decides the data and we can’t control the budget.

After implementing this strategy, the daily sales increased from 3k-4k per day to 6k-9k per day, effectively doubling the sales with the same PPC ad spend. However, this strategy doesn’t yield immediate results as it takes time for the PPC to grow, especially with new PPC campaigns. Additionally, you can’t just transfer all keywords from Auto to Manual campaigns instantly as this could negatively impact overall sales.

It’s important to note that this approach requires continuous optimization and monitoring to maintain and improve results.

I hope my ideas and experience can help, especially for sellers struggling to grow their sales with the help of PPC.

Feel free to comment below and ask questions about PPC and Amazon SEO, and I’d love to help you with this topic.

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