Sending my inventory into FBA

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If I send my shipment and all individual units are packaged in a box ready to go directly to the end customers who purchase from Amazon FBA, will Amazon double box and charge me packaging fees or ship directly in my own packaging?

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Amazon typically ships items in the packaging provided. If your units are prepared for direct customer shipping, Amazon will likely use your packaging but may charge fees based on their handling policies. It’s best to confirm Amazon’s handling process for direct customer shipments with their support or guidelines.


You need add to a Ready to Ship label so that Billy in the warehouse won’t tear your boxes apart to dig out the contents.

We use these.

They are also available in a smaller size.


Amazon will always charge FBA fees, whether they use their own packaging or not. Don’t forget that they are a money making machine with no ethics or scruples. Just like when they will charge 2 lots of FBA fees if they put 2 identical items in the same box and ship them as one parcel.


Awesome, so if I ship individually packaged boxes (ready to ship to the end customer) onto a pallet… Do I need to stick a carton label on each individual box or just the FNKSU label on each box and then pallet label on each pallet?

Like I am not shipping to amazon in cartons… each box is ready to be shipped to end customer as is

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@Azhar Yes, you only need to stick an FNKSU label on each box and a pallet label on each pallet. You do not need to stick a carton label on each individual box since you are not shipping to Amazon in cartons.