Sending my first SKUs into Amazon


About to post my first SKU into amazon.

Just to confirm, I don’t need to label individual units and all that needs to be on the outside is the SKU label they provided ?

It doesn’t seem enough!

If you are not using the manufacturers UPC code, you need to affix Amazon barcode labels to each unit. You may be referring to them as SKU labels. They are called FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit).

All other barcodes much be covered.

You might want to review the Article Prepare your products for FBA shipping to make sure nothing has been missed.


You need to label individual unit with FNSKU barcode . Cover other barcode. I make mistake last week and Amazon will charge me $0.55 /unit to put FNSKU on my products.


Each product unit you send to Amazon’s fulfillment centers needs a scannable barcode, either FNKS or UPC/EAN. The SKU label they provided should match this barcode. It’s important to check Amazon’s guidelines to make sure each unit is properly labeled and packaged for compliance.


Thank you for all your comments and help

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@Joyce You need to label each individual unit with an FNSKU barcode for Amazon. The SKU label they provide is for the box, but each product needs its own barcode for inventory and tracking.

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