Sending generic products into FBA

hello sellers, i want to sell generics products can i arrange a shipment even if my product doesn’t have a upc /barcode when someone buys from my amazon shop?

Hello @Akish,

In order to create a Shipping Plan, your product needs to exist in your inventory. In most cases, a UPC (EAN, JAN or ISBN) is needed to create a listing. However, you may request a exemption in some categories.

The following Article will help you determine if your product qualifies for a UPC Exemption, and how to request it.

How to list products that do not have a Product ID (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)

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You’ll need a unique product identifier UPC or EAN barcode. Without it, you won’t be able to list your products. You should obtain the necessary product identifiers before arranging any shipments to ensure a smooth selling process on Amazon. otherwise You can Try GTIN Excemption

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