Sending Alibaba inventory directly into Amazon warehouse

Hi everyone,

I wondered if anyone could please help me or direct me in the right way. I have now registered to be an Amazon seller and I’m struggling to get started. I want to purchase from Alibaba and get them sent to Amazon to then be shipped. I just don’t really get how it works and how I need to do this. I’ve read so much but I’m struggling. Please would someone kindly help?

thanks in advance x

Just keep reading until you fully understand it, sorry to say that, however that is the only way to make the multitude of discreet events continuous. When you get down to a more specific stumbling point and ask about that you will be better informed on how everything works.


Shipping imports directly to Amazon’s Fulfillment center is a complex process. They have put together an article that you will find beneficial.

Delivering imports to Amazon


Get a friend who already sells on Amazon to show you how to create your first shipment. Most suppliers on Alibaba are familiar with FBA and they will arrange everything remaining - all you need to do is send them a box label and FNSKU barcodes.

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Good luck with your Amazon journey

Start with product research (find product having minimum of 40% profit margins)

Find reliable supplier from Alibaba

List products with upcs (form Gs1)

Launch & rank your product

Let’me know if you needed any assistance with product launching, ranking

Am already working on Amazon FBA private label form 3 years have launched multiple products in different market places,managed sales