Selling plan question

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qq - I’m just starting out so I’m considering paying for the individual payment plan at the start to get all admin sorted. From there am I able to upgrade to the professional sellers account as well as be entitled to entering the brand registry programme?

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Hello @Flavia welcome to the Seller Forums!

Starting out with an Individual Selling Plan is not a bad idea. Here’s a comparison of both plans so that you can decide which plan is right for you,

Selling plan comparison

Looking down the road to Amazon Brand Registry. Here are the requirements necessary to enroll in the Anmazon Brand Registry program.

Amazon Brand Registry


Thank you for the response. Is it true that sellers have to do a verification once they upgrade to professional?

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Hi @Flavia

Yes that’s true. Anytime you upgrade or downgrade your information has to be verified.

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in Start better to Use individual plan then when you realize you get sales you easily upgrade it