Sellers Fees refunds / Case log

I am having issues trying to communicate my problems with the Seller Central support. My cases below have not been resolved yet they are showing as answered and i’m now locked out of my account.

My issues are that I haven’t been using the seller services through amazon, yet i’ve been charged £30 since 2015. I don’t want to add another credit card as my existing card has now been cancelled due to these fraudulent charges. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried communicating via Live chat and over the phone and still having no joy!!

Are you locked from your account? If yes, how is it possible that you are able to view the Case Log?

If you haven’t used the account since 2015, I can imagine that Amazon decided to close it for being domant, not paying the Professional Seller fee, not having a valid credit card on file or the 2 Step Verification activated.

Also, Amazon will not credit you the seller fees back unless you never sold anything.