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Hello. I need some help from the forum please. I sell a product which has 99.9% sales in the UK my home marketplace. On December 8th I got a design rights complaint on the German marketplace, so my listing was blocked on all marketplaces. I sell a tool set and the complainant alleges that one of the plastic pieces in the tool set infringes on their design patent. A tactic to get my listing blocked, and it obviously worked. However, this was a false complaint, I submitted the POA 8 times with the necessary proof showing the difference in the parts, the LOA from my supplier, original invoices, letter to the complainant which has gone unanswered basically everything that I needed to do apparently. 8 times I have got the same email back from Amazon, mostly in German (which I have to translate) but sometimes in Chinese. The email from Amazon starts with: - “Good day, Thank you for sending us information about reactivating your offer. We reviewed your application and found that you failed to submit the required documents, or the documents submitted are invalid. Take into account the missing information below and resubmit your action plan. Submit one of the following documents to confirm the authenticity of your offers: - Letter of Authorization (LOA) or License Agreement (LA) direct from the rights holder stating that you are authorized to use the intellectual property. The contact information of the rights holder can be found in the notification to deactivate the offer that you received. - Invoice directly from the rights holder stating that your products are original and have been purchased directly from the rights holder. The contact information of the rights holder can be found in the notification to deactivate the offer that you received. - Revocation by the rights holder, which must be sent directly to Amazon. The contact details of the rights holder can be found in the notification about the deactivation of the offer that you received. Has your offer been wrongly deactivated? If you think there is a mistake, please explain why. Your statement should include a rationale as to why your listings did not infringe the brand’s intellectual property, along with the above documents to prove authenticity.” I am at the stage now that I am almost ready to concede and move away from Amazon as I cannot get any human to answer me from the seller performance team. Basically, this seller forums post is the last straw for me in the hope that Amazon on here or another seller can help me. It is ridiculous and unfair that I can be treated like this. It cost me over £9,000 in PPC advertising to get the reviews and ranking to get my product on page one, I was just about to turn a profit when this happened. Anyway, thank you in advance for any words and suggestion of help.


I understand your frustration regarding the design rights complaint you received on the German marketplace, which led to the blocking of your listing on all marketplaces. It seems like a false complaint aimed at causing trouble for your business. Despite submitting the required proof, including the POA (Plan of Action), documentation showing the difference in parts, LOA from your supplier, original invoices, and a letter to the complainant, you have received multiple emails from Amazon stating that the required documents were not submitted or were invalid.

The email from Amazon requests specific documents to confirm the authenticity of your offers, including a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or License Agreement (LA) from the rights holder, an invoice directly from the rights holder, or a revocation by the rights holder sent directly to Amazon. It seems like Amazon is not satisfied with the documentation you have provided so far.

It is unfortunate that you have been facing difficulties in reaching a resolution with Amazon’s Seller Performance team. As a last resort, you are seeking help on the seller forums in the hope that Amazon or another seller can provide assistance.

In this situation, I recommend the following steps:

  1. Double-check your previous submissions: Review the documents and information you have already submitted to ensure they are complete, accurate, and meet Amazon’s requirements. Make sure you have included all the necessary details and contact information of the rights holder as mentioned in the notification you received.
  2. Seek professional help: Consider consulting with a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property and e-commerce issues. They can provide expert advice and guidance on how to navigate the situation and present your case effectively to Amazon. They may also be able to communicate directly with Amazon on your behalf.
  3. Escalate the issue with Amazon: If you haven’t already, try reaching out to Amazon Seller Support again, emphasizing the efforts you have made to address the complaint and provide the requested documentation. Request escalation to a higher level of support or try contacting Amazon through alternative channels such as phone support or chat support.
  4. Engage in the seller community: Apart from posting on the seller forums, you can also join relevant Facebook groups or online communities where experienced Amazon sellers share their knowledge and experiences. They may be able to offer advice or suggest alternative strategies based on their own encounters with similar issues.
  5. Consider legal action: If all else fails and you firmly believe that the complaint is false and unjustified, you may need to explore the possibility of legal action against the party that made the false complaint. Consult with your lawyer to assess the viability and potential consequences of such a course of action.

Please remember that I’m providing general suggestions, and it’s important to consult with a professional who can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances. Resolving intellectual property disputes on Amazon can be complex, and having legal guidance can greatly assist you in navigating the process.

I understand that this situation has caused significant frustration and financial loss for your business. It’s unfortunate when false complaints disrupt legitimate sellers. I hope that by following the steps outlined above and seeking professional help, you will be able to find a resolution and continue selling your products on Amazon successfully.

Best of luck, and I hope your issue gets resolved soon.

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