Seller Account suspension due to abnormal amount of cancelled orders

The seller account has been suspended due to multiple abnormal “cancelled orders” (more than 10000!!). I assume that these orders have been placed and then deleted by my competitors. Appeals have been rejected by Seller Performance Team. I don’t know how else I can convince Seller Performance Team that I did not place these orders and did not manipulate sales. Could you advise me anything?

You will need to write a Plan of Action, in which you tell Amazon, what you have done to address the issue and how will you prevent this happening again.

The appeal shouldn’t focus on specific orders but talk about the issue in general.

Here is an example POA for a suspension due to the Late Shipment Rate exceeding the 4% target, which already helped multiple sellers get reinstated.

You can write a similar one based on it and then post it here for feedback.

Don’t copy entire sentences but use your own words: