Sell same ASIN accross different marketplaces with a different EAN Code

Hi, I would appreciate any help on this topic since I’m out of options.

I’m working with a brand that is selling on Amazon UK and Amazon France (FBA).

We have just recently started with France and the UK has been our main market for many years. We obviously want to have our UK reviews going to the French products. But although the products are the same, since they are medical products and with different package languages, they have different EAN Codes between the two countries.

I have been told several times by Amazon that even if I use the same ASIN for both markets, the reviews can’t be connected if the EAN Code is not the same. Is this also your experience or is there a workaround this?

Thanks a lot for any help!

Hello @iggyagency,

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The issue is that ASINs are created on the basis of them being tied to the product’s EAN / UPC.

If you have a different EAN for each international Amazon site, then there will be a separate ASIN for each EAN. You won’t be able to have the product reviews linked across different marketplaces.

As you mentioned, it is common for products to have a different EAN for each country where they are distributed. But usually, the products also have a main EAN / UPC which they use for Amazon purposes.

So, if you already have an EAN for different international Amazon sites, you could get a single UPC that will be used to create the ASINs and manage reviews. This is the only workaround I am aware of.

Hi @Kika , thanks a lot for your quick and detailed reply.
I have tried to have the same ASIN for both marketplaces, but if I do that, Amazon automatically applies the same EAN code to both products and I don’t have a section to edit the EAN again.
When I listed the product on the second marketplace, i listed it using the UK ASIN on the product ID section in order to connect them and then there’s no extra place to add a different EAN.

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No, the EAN cannot be edited. As already mentioned, the review-syncing only works if the ASIN/EAN is the same.