Self-Assess VAT ifor Amazon services n the residence country of your company

“Please note that if AWS Europe does not charge you VAT, you may have to self-assess VAT if required by your local regulations.” - from here -

I have a valid VAT number in a EU country
I sell products using FBA
and I get VAT free invoices from Amazon for their commissions.

I understand that the amount of money Amazon gets from me for these invoices are considered a revenue.
So my company has to hold a revenue tax in the country where the Business Legal Address is.
So I pay the Amazon services and also I have to pay more for that tax. There goes my profit. :frowning:

Now this is the question :slight_smile:
Did anyone of you get a “Certificate for tax residence” from Amazon Luxembourg?
I read about this Certificate, it is a treaties between countries for double taxation agreement, and if I get it for the 2022 and 2023 I will pay less on that revenue tax I was telling you above.

Thank you so much!!

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A “Certificate of tax residence” is typically issued by the tax authorities of a country to certify the tax residency status of a taxpayer. It is often used in the context of double taxation agreements (DTAs) between countries to determine which country has the primary right to tax certain types of income.

In your case, if you believe that you are eligible for a reduced tax rate or exemption under a DTA between your country and Luxembourg, you may need to contact the tax authorities in your country to inquire about the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining the Certificate of tax residence. They will be able to provide you with accurate information based on your individual circumstances and the tax treaty in place.