Seeking guidance about ungating

Just a random item but looking into getting ungated I’ve seen people say they ordered 10 items and it’s worked but on this would it be 1 case of 12 or would I need 10 cases of 12 for proof

Hi @Ashish,

Just apply for Approval. The list of requirements will tell you exactly how many you need.

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If the Amazon listing is for 1 unit and the manufacturer only sells a case of 12, then I don’t think this would work.

What Amazon would see on the invoice is “ARGAN OIL HAIR SHAMPOO 300ML - CASE OF 12”, therefore 1 unit.

It would not correspond with what the ASIN represents if you understand.

Some approvals are for categories, others for brands or specific ASINs.

In order to be able to sell this ASIN, you would need ro purchase individual units, I think.

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