Seeking clarification on the VAT obligations for non-UK residents

I am a non-UK resident planning to start selling products on Amazon FBA in the UK.

Could you please provide detailed guidance on whether non-UK residents are required to register for VAT, the registration threshold and process, ongoing VAT filing and payment obligations, and any specific considerations or common challenges faced in VAT compliance for non-UK businesses selling on Amazon FBA in the UK?

Yes you will have to register for Vat in the Uk and so you will be claiming vat on purchases and pay for on sale however best advice to you is to speak with an accountant


If you are storing any products in the UK for retail, as a non-UK resident business, you are indeed required to register for VAT. Amazon themselves should collect and remit the VAT on your sales through their platform, but any purchases in the UK, and any other VAT costs need to be submitted to HMRC on each return.

The registration threshold ONLY applies to UK resident businesses. The challenge you face with VAT is simply that of a clerical and submission nature. The best solution is to use accounting software such as Xero, whereby you can reconcile payments, linked to your bank account directly, which will provide a digital report to HMRC on each VAT return.

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