Seeking Advice on Reducing Amazon's High PPC Bids for New Listings with Low Profit Margins

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I have recently created new listings on Amazon, but I am facing a problemregarding the suggested PPC bids. Amazon suggests me bids in dollars, such as $2 or $3, while my profit margin for each product is only $10. This means that if I were to receive 10 clicks and only 1 order, I would end uplosing a significant amount of money. I am seeking suggestions on how to reduce the suggested bid prices, considering that Amazon typically suggests bids in pennies.
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Some Factors you can use for Order on each click.
Improve your product listing by using relevant keywords, optimizing your product title and descriptions, and adding high-quality images. A well-optimized listing can help improve your organic ranking and reduce the dependency on paid advertising.

  1. Refine your targeting: Review your target audience and ensure that your PPC campaigns are reaching the right audience. Narrow down your targeting options to focus on specific demographics, interests, or locations.

Identify irrelevant keywords that may trigger your ads to appear. By adding these keywords as negative keywords in your PPC campaign settings, you can prevent your ads from being shown to users who are unlikely to convert. This can help reduce unnecessary clicks and improve the efficiency of your ad spend.

Consider targeting long-tail keywords that are more specific and have lower competition. Long-tail keywords often have lower bid prices and can help you target a more focused audience who may be more likely to convert.

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