Seeking advice on brand registration, product validation, and mentorship

Hi all,

hoping I could get some help or a nudge in the right direction - would be greatly appreciated.

Briefly, I have a product already on the market but not brand registered, not getting many sales a day but also very little marketing or PPC ad spend (fairly new to this and still learning).

A few questions:

  1. Is it worth getting brand registered or better to see if you can get product selling consistently before moving forward?

  2. Anybody know a good guide on product validation?

  3. Anybody know of an affordable consulting/mentor service that can help guide and provide actionable steps? I’ve mostly only seen people charging $5000 for a course and Q&A’s but I’d love to have one on one and tailored for my needs/questions.

Again, appreciate any feedback/help!

Thank you

1, Brand Registry: Yes it’s worthy to register your brand. If you plan for long-term growth, you should consider registering your brand. It doesn’t hinder sales consistency efforts.

Product Validation: For product validation, focus on factors like demand, competition, profitability, and potential differentiation. Tools like Jungle Scout or Helium 10 can aid in market research.

3, Consulting/ course: I don’t not recommend to take paid course from any one. Seller University or YouTube already have available free complete courses. Only learn free and start selling with low investment. By doing this you will learn practically and that’s more worth full for you instead of getting only theoretical knowledge from any guru.