Seeking advice in hiring a duo of VAs for product OA and wholesale


a few days back I posted on Telegram about hiring a VA and I have got massive response from VA community. Many of them turned out to be agencies who work on a profit sharing basis, in other words, percentage out of your profit.

On the other hand, individual VA’s I have talked with have good CVs. My inbox is flooded with messages but I am literally exhausted from filtering out spammers.

I seek you experience and advice on hiring and finding a right VA.


I never hire VAs who are part of agencies or work for multiple clients. I always hire based on a fixed salary plus a bonus. When hiring, I really want that person to be part of my company and not just a contractor (though they are all technically contractors). I don’t want that type of relationship; I always want my team to feel they are part of my company and to grow together.

All my team members started with zero knowledge, but for me, the most important thing is their attitude. As long as I feel that the person has the right attitude and is super motivated, I can teach that person anything. I never look for experienced VAs, as most of them are either already hired or working for multiple clients.

My process is to interview, hire, train, support and guide, give feedback, and then decide whether to continue or not. I normally give them three months unless I find that I am being lied to or I feel like the VA can’t raise the standards.

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Firstly, test their knowledge and after that you should hire someone.

Most inexperienced VAs over claimed their work.