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how can I check the keywords used by my buyers?

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Jungle Scout. Or just look at their listing. The top ranking keywords will be in the title followed by bullet points then description. What you can’t see is the hidden search terms, but these keywords have very low importance compared to the rest.

You can pm me the ASIN and I can run it through Jungle Scout for you!

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Helium10 is the best tool for this

Even on my own listing? Is there no analytics dashboard visible to us: sellers in Amazon seller portal?

You will not get them, unless they are directly from amazon. All the other sites offering information like that can be considered for entertainment purposes only.


You can try ASINsight where you can see how much traffic comes from each keyword.


@skeeter This is a very interest take because all the information given by Amazon does have to be taken at face value.

Let’s face it, people are only searching for so many words. How many different variations of “Men’s Jacket” could there be? There’s only so many words people are willing to type for a search. Everyone is basically competing for the same 20 search terms.


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Years ago when I studied PPC heavily it was a stretch to say 10 key words. Its not very many words, then when your ads are only displayed when amazon chooses it is a total waste of money.

You spend money to increase sales, NOT increase amazon profits by way of a red herring. When they deny running your ads when you don’t have the buybox the seller is just paying more for selling fees under the pretense of buying ads to increase sales. Both of the online sites are doing that. Highly doubt that the USA will ever do anything about the deception, some other country(s) might.