Scheduled UK FBA shipment not collected

Hi everyone,

I had a FBA shipment scheduled for today. But the pickup didnt happen. What should I do next? Should I wait for a couple of days or start another shipment from scratch?

I am in UK. This is my first attempt to ship to FBA warehouse in UK.

Thanks in advance.

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I presume you chose to use UPS?

As this is your first shipment, are you aware that you actually have to book the collection separately from creating the shipment? This is stated when you make the shipment but easy to miss.

Easiest way is online at

Create an account for ease of booking.

Quote just one of the tracking references and you will get a free collection. You need to book by 12 for same day collection.

Good luck.

PS Don’t create another shipment


If the pickup for your FBA shipment did not happen as scheduled, you should contact Amazon Seller Support immediately to inquire about the reason for the missed pickup and to reschedule the pickup. Do not start another shipment from scratch at this time, as this could lead to duplicate shipments and additional fees.

Here’s a summary of what you should do:

  1. Contact Amazon Seller Support to inquire about the missed pickup.
  2. Wait for Amazon’s response and instructions on how to proceed.
  3. Do not start another shipment from scratch until you have received clear instructions from Amazon.
    Remember to provide Amazon Seller Support with the following information when you contact them:
  • Your FBA shipment ID
  • The scheduled pickup date
  • The address where the shipment was supposed to be picked up
    I hope this helps!

If your FBA shipment pickup didn’t happen as scheduled, it’s best to contact the carrier directly to inquire about the reason for the missed pickup and reschedule the pickup. In the UK, Amazon FBA shipments are typically handled by either UPS or Royal Mail. You can find their contact information on their respective websites.

While waiting for the rescheduled pickup, you don’t need to start another shipment from scratch. The shipment plan you created should still be valid, and you can simply reschedule the pickup date without having to recreate the entire shipment.


Thank you for the heads up. Yes, I realized that. So I actually called up UPS to book a collection. Now, they have picked up the shipment

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