Sandbox, need explanation

What is the Sandbox, please?

Hi, the Sandbox is a way of testing your Amazon online payments integration into a website etc.

The Sandbox is a testing platform for your Checkout buttons but does not charge the payment method (the credit card). You can use the Sandbox to verify that your buttons work; that is, you can test that clicking on the button generates a valid order and returns the user to the page you require.

You can use the Sandbox to create test orders that will go through the normal Amazon Payments Checkout Pipeline just like Production orders. You use real payment methods (your credit card in your Amazon account, for example) and you can use real delivery addresses.

The payment pipeline calculates the delivery and tax charges as well as the promotional credits. Then, it presents a final Order page where you can click on the Place order button to send the order off for processing.

Because this is a Sandbox order, you (the merchant) will not get a ‘Sold, Dispatch Now!’ e-mail notification. However, your customer (tester) will get an order notification e-mail. The Sandbox order e-mail will have the Amazon Payments Sandbox logo in it instead of the Amazon Payments logo.

Hopes that helps.