Same account performing poorly after being transferred to different owner

Hi all we had an account which had 3 products which had no reviws and little advertising which sold very well.
We unfortunately had to transfer them to a new seller account and for some reason they are not selling like they use to. What could be the reason behind this ?
Same reviws
Same images
Same bullet points
Same key words
We are a little lost

More competing items.

More competing PPC.

Change in demand.

Change in search trend (update keywords).

Drop in BSR during transfer.


There could be many reasons behind this…when we’re you selling them before? Was there a large period where they were out of stock whilst being transferred? Is it possible a seasonal product?

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not seasonal. New stock went into new listing and stayed in stock since

  1. Customers may have developed trust and loyalty towards the previous seller account, and the transfer to a new account might make them hesitant to make purchases.
  2. Brand recognition: The previous account might have established a brand presence or recognition that is not immediately carried over to the new account. Customers who were familiar with the previous account may not recognize the products under the new seller.
  3. SEO and visibility: The new account may not have the same level of search engine optimization (SEO) or visibility as the previous one, resulting in decreased exposure to potential customers.
  4. Seller reputation: The previous account may have had a positive reputation among customers, while the new account’s reputation is still building. Customers may be more likely to purchase from a trusted and established seller.

Identifying and addressing these factors can help you regain sales momentum on the new seller account.

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