Safety product certificates requested

I just had two of my squishmallow listings deactivated because I need to submit safety product certificates for these. I emailed the distributor Jazzwares to send me the safety certificates but they have not responded to my request.

If anyone here can pout me to the right direction, I thank you in advance.

They have them online.

If you have the collection number, give it a try.


Thanks @FunkyMonkey. I will try that. Since I purchased this from 5 below, I reached out to them but their response was that they only buy from wholesalers with certificate but can’t share this with me.


I don’t suppose Five Below you provide any assistance for you. If Jazzwares has the same product listed, you might be able to get the certificate.

I’m in the same “boat” as you. I sell toys, mostly plush, and even though I have a lot of products from major manufacturers listed, it’s impossible to get any CPC certificates from them, even as an authorized retailer.

I list them when I can, and when they delete them, I just keep listing some more.



When I go to the complaince check page on their site I do not get the bottom section to download documents.

Have you signed in or something like that?


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No. In fact, I just created an account.

I pulled up the page posted above using collection # 1036. It has several live links. Clicking on the first one brought up a two page General Certificate of Conformity.


I don’t get the serach box that you see.
Where you see the search box I get a link asking me to apply to come and work for them.

Very odd. I have tried lots of different browsers and it is the same.

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Do you have a link?

I am using



Duh, that would be helpful. I thought you’d just use the URL in the screenshot (that isn’t there) sorry.