Review your business information for upcoming INFORM Act requirements

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

We are committed to a trustworthy shopping experience for both you and customers. To uphold this standard, we will collect and verify certain business information from you at least annually, including information required by the US INFORM Consumers Act.

Starting in April 2024, if you have 200 or more transactions or $5,000 or more in revenues during a continuous 12-month period, you will receive a formal notification to review and certify that your business information is correct. However, you do not need to wait to receive the formal notification, and can take action now to avoid the risk of account deactivation later that could affect your upcoming sales events.

We recommend that you go to your Account Health page and click Review your account information under the Priority actions section to review today and, if necessary, update your business information.

If your information is up to date, or if you have just updated it, proceed to the next step – the Notice and Certification page – to complete your certification. Once you view this page, the law requires you to certify your information within 10 days.

It only takes a few minutes to certify so you can take action today.

Although you will need to certify that your information is up to date at least annually, you should keep your business information current at all times, and you can update your information anytime by going to your Account Information page in Seller Central.

For answers to frequently asked questions, go to About the INFORM Consumers Act or contact Selling Partner Support.