Returns question

Hi guys,

I have some questions regarding returns. If a customer has returned a very heavily used item - do you file for reimbursement for that?

Or is it a dud to open a case for that with amazon?


Unless the policy is different in Amazon UK, there’s no reimbursement for used returns if sold FBA.

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I would open a case provide photos with the item and explain that it was used.

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Usually I just give full refund and factor these things in to my business as a cost of doing business. Better to focus time on ways to make more money than to recover money.

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Never think this way, even if it is policy.

Always open a case for whatever the issue is. You will often win. It’s your money after all.


These are FBA orders, so Amazon already granted the refund. I think it’s important to have an admin VA and to minimize any leakages wherever possible and to recover as much back as possible from Amazon.