Return rates after Christmas

Hey guys, what are your usual return percentage /rates in January?

Just want to know what I should brace myself for :smile:

You might want to order a doughnut seat before the rush.

It all depends on what you sell.

Keep in mind an activist will also ride the wave hoping to get stuff for free. So many of the sellers just refund when the buyers complain regardless of the merit of the claim. That is what activists are looking forward too, plenty of FREE stuff. You will have the “legitimate” actually does not fit and such stuff too but that seems like the small portion of returns.

FYI, when it comes back intentionally broken you found a vindictive activist buyer. They did not get it for free so they break it and send it back to you. At not cost for them and profit for amazon and loss for you.

Key point is it being a profitable experience for amazon (the other site is the same BS) regardless, that is why this happens.


From my experience as an international seller with 1-2 months shipping time, whatever is ordered between November and December and doesn’t arrive by Christmas gets returned.

If you are a local seller with fast shipping, it shouldn’t be that bad :slight_smile: