Retail Website Order Cancelation Avoidance

Hello all. Regarding order cancelations from retail sites used for sourcing, would anyone happen to know of a service that can help getting past them? Maybe someone that can help develop a method or system? Referrals on the best virtual cc provider for this purpose, when Paypal isn’t accepted, would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hello Holmes,

thank you for joining the forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your online arbitrage orders getting cancelled.

As you know, large retailers strive daily to offer the best deals to their loyal customers, which often take a lot of time to get negotiated. The retailers don’t want someone to take advantage of the prices, grab all of the discounted stock for themselves and resell it elsewhere to make money. They want as many different customers as possible to be pleased by the good deal, benefit from it and develop trust towards the retailer.

If you want to place large orders anyway, I would advise you to place the orders using different cards / names / devices. I don’t know what quantity you are typically buying so that it raises suspicion.

Have you thought about purchasing the goods in person and packaging and shipping them into FBA afterwards?

Maybe @FunkyMonkey will be able to advise with this as well.