Restricted product

Hello! I bought this item to sell on Amazon. When I joined the listing … it was not a pesticide product. It was a generic listing…

I don’t know what happened… Amazon has deleted the listing and sent me this complaint.

I need to address this within one day… kindly guide… I have created removal order… How can I save my account health?

@Kika I need your guidance please

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Hello @mxamxulhaq1,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with a Restricted Products Complaint. Normally, these are not dangerous and will not cause your Seller Account to get deactivated. You should be able to just delete the listing and wait for the defect to disappear after 180 days.

Alternatively, if you wish to remove the violation, all you need to do is to tick all the boxes and then proceed further and submit. The defect should be gone within 48 hours.

Good luck!

:sob:Is my account in danger? How to proceed from here onwards


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As previously mentioned, this is a harmless automated Restricted products policy violation, which will drop off from your metrics after 180 days.

You have nothing to worry about, since you already deleted the listing as well. The warning will be gone eventually.