Rest of Search and Product Pages settings

Should I turn off ‘Rest of Search and Product Pages’ and keep ‘Top of Search’ as it is?

Should I increase the bid percentage on ‘Top of Search’?

Try increasing TOS. Keep rest of search and product pages unchanged. Placement is hit and trial. No hard and fast rules.

Thanks brother … Still so much to learn about PPC.

PPC is a continous learning. So much to try.

ROAS is good both in “Rest of Search & Product Pages”. If you want to focus and spend more on “Top of search” as it is performing really great, then you should increase bid % from 5% to 7% because your CTR is impressive. Increase bid% little by little!

I just increased it to 10%. Should I just keep it like this and see how it performs?

Yes, no need to worry, just check it after 2 days to see how it performed.

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Thank you!