Reselling random products

I hope this isn’t a stupid question, I am totally new. I haven’t even posted my first product. But I’m wondering, if I purchase day starbuck instant coffees, 10 to get I hated for Starbucks products and I purchase from target, how would I prevent to Amazon? Would I use the receipt? it states I need to show an invoice with my name and such but that wouldn’t be on the receipt.

Not a good idea. As a new seller, you shouldn’t be selling anything risky (top brands) - especially if you don’t have invoices. I don’t think that receipts would get accepted.

Hi @Akish

@Mildred is correct. You can’t pick up stuff on the sales tables and just list them on Amazon, especially, name brands.

In the case of Starbucks, you would not be able to sell them on Amazon without prior approval.

If and/or when they start accepting applications, you would need to purchase products directly from Starbucks and/or an authorized wholesaler.


It’s not a stupid question at all! When you’re reselling Starbucks instant coffee on Amazon, you typically need to provide an invoice that demonstrates the authenticity and legitimacy of your products. Here’s how you can approach it:

  1. Purchase from a Legitimate Source: Make sure you purchase Starbucks products from an authorized distributor or supplier. This ensures that you’re selling genuine products.
  2. Obtain an Invoice: Request an invoice from your supplier that includes your business information (name, address, etc.), the product details (Starbucks instant coffee), quantity, and pricing. This invoice should come from your supplier, not from the retail store where you made the purchase.
  3. Invoice Verification: When Amazon asks for an invoice, they are looking for proof of your legitimate sourcing. The receipt from Target may not be sufficient, as it doesn’t typically include your business details. The invoice from your supplier is what you should provide to Amazon.
  4. Invoice Date: Ensure that the invoice date is before the specified “before-date” if there’s any requirement like that for the Starbucks products you want to sell on Amazon.
  5. Submit to Amazon: When you list your product on Amazon, you can submit the invoice as part of your application to sell in that category.