Resale certificate in the US

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im searching for wholesalers in US, and the first one i got in touch with asked for a resale certificate. I have a limited company registered in the UK to sell goods on Amazon, not resident and don’t have physical presence in US, is there any state who would grant me this certificate?

If so, can i sell the products i source from an American supplier in every states?

I don’t think you need a resale certificate if your entity isn’t based in the US.

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In the US, resale certificates are typically issued by individual states. You might consider applying for a Foreign Qualification in a state like Delaware or Oregon, which doesn’t have sales tax. Keep in mind that each state has its own rules, so research their requirements. Once you have the certificate, you can generally sell products in any state, but compliance with each state’s tax regulations is crucial.

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May I ask your opinion. What solution is better, to get the certificate or set up one LLC for exemple in Delaware?

Create LLC in Delaware Or Texas

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