Requirements to sell this product in the US


Trying to understand certification and compliance requirements and where to find this. My new product is a planner (paper planner you can write in), and I’m manufacturing in China, selling FBA in the US market only at the moment.

  1. Do I need any product testing for substances/materials etc? What about Proposition 65 warning - can that be on my listing only, or do I need to add it to the product somewhere (my competitors don’t seem to have it anywhere).

The product is designed for and marketed towards adults, not children.

  1. I have “Printed in China” on the inside front cover of the planner. should I also add it to the UPC label so it’s immediately visible to customs when importing?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Have you submitted the listing to AMZ for approval? They will tell you what certifications are needed because they won’t approve it without them. Regarding prep requirements, if a plastic bag is used, it must have appropriate warnings on the bag, as clearly defined by the law based on its size and substrate. These warnings cannot rely solely on the listing.

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For the ‘Made in China’ label, it depends. If you’re selling in the Canadian market, you’ll need it; if in the USA, no.

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Check with Amazon to see which certificates are required. You can add ‘Made in China’ to your FNSKU, although some sellers don’t do this because they don’t want their clients to know it’s made in China.

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Not yet. It’s a new brand, so I want to apply to brand registry before adding my first product, but need an order in place with the manufacturer to do so. Before I place the order with the manufacturer, I want to ensure the product is going to be compliant. So trying to get an idea of what testing I need if that makes sense? I’ve used the Amazon self-serve compliance tool for my category and it’s still unclear.

I though US also required it?

Not really.

I would ask supplier for ProForma Invoice first, submit for approval, look at response from AMZ which will tell you what is required. You will need live product samples with brand Identification on the product, Trademark Approval, and depending on category-testing certifications. Amazon will ask for photos of live product, packaging details, GTIN UPC and you will have limitations on storage capacity until sales start moving product

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If you need any assistance in storage or shipping, I would suggest using Amazon for ocean freight, and good prep center for storage and fulfillment. Suggest listing product FBA and FBM as we do for most of our customers for prep and or ship.

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Great thanks. Have live product with brand on product, completed TM application, GTIN UPC, and packaging details. My understanding (Amazon Seller University and talking with a few people) is Amazon doesn’t set storage limits for new sellers. Plan to order 1000 units for the first order. So next steps it seems like is getting the Pro Forma invoice from my manufacturer > applying for brand registry > adding the new product, then Amazon will give me the list of compliance docs/tests they need. Does that sound right? It’s the order of operations to doing all this that’s screwing me up

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Once you are approved and look to ship in first order, you will know capacity requirements. There is capacity limits for all new sellers and products.

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Thank you!