Repricing software recommendations

Advice needed please.

I am the sole distributor for a brand in the UK so don’t need a repricer to compete. We have been granted distribution for EU and have all the necessary VAT etc setup in all EU counties and we are ready to go,

In the EU I have 3-4 existing amazon sellers for the brand but I get a much lower price so I want to put a little pressure on them to see if they give up. Plus I can sell considerably cheaper and still be profitable.

So my question is what repricing software would you guys recommend?

Has the brand granted permission to other distributors in EU ? I’ve come across this before and exclusive rights weren’t exactly as suggested

I have exclusive in the uk and am the only distributor in eu so I get distro prices. The other sellers are stockist so buy more.

For example, the best selling products I buy for £4.97 and the other sellers paid £7.40-£8.10

If other sellers are stockist I assume they are buying direct from the brand ?

yea but the brand want me to dominate the eu markets as I sell the entire range where as stockist only sell the top 5ish products

If these sellers sell in EU, why would you undercut your profits ! like you said…just put a little pressure, are you brand registered?

yes i have brand registry setup on my account (i’m the only distributor that had that permission).

I want to through the balls to the wall and make them realise they can’t win on price and give us

lol good luck with that

Based on your situation as the sole distributor for a brand in the UK expanding to the EU market, I recommend considering repricing software like Alpha Repricer or RepricerExpress. These options offer customizable pricing rules and real-time repricing capabilities to help you apply pressure on competitors while maintaining profitability. Be sure to evaluate each software’s features and pricing plans to find the best fit for your needs.

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