Repeatedly getting counterfeit complaints from competitors

Found a good niche of products and purchased many different brands from a reputable supplier. I make sure I am approved to sell any product before I purchase it. But I keep getting flagged as counterfeit. Once I submit my invoices and pictures of the products then I get the violation removed and the listing reinstated.

Is there anyway I can get this to stop happening? I’ve also received some pretty threatening messages telling me to quit selling these products sent through product inquiry messages.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should also mention I am selling these FBM. Does that make a difference?

It is best to turn to the scriptures when you are in a situation that cannot be resolved.

Luke 6:31

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Does the brand name of the products match the brand on the listings? If these products are generic, then you may be hijacking someone’s else PL listing. That’s probably why you’re getting those messages.

Hijacking is technically against TOS and multiple instances of counterfeit claims is risking your account.

If you created your listing, check your competition, are they trademarked/ patented. Research this. If the answer is yes, that’s the problem.

If none of the above apply to you, then you have met a competitor using black hat tactics. As far as I know there’s nothing you can do about it especially if they’re Chinese sellers.

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Report every one of those threatening messages to Amazon. That might cut down on some of your counterfeit complaints.

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