Repeated orders and refunds from the same buyer

A customer keeps ordering my item from FBA and keeps returning it. How to stop this ?

First he ordered seller fulfilled and he also said the item was damaged.

Please advise what can I do ?

If FBM, you can cancel the orders if your ODR can withstand the cancellations. Alternately, you can mark the order as shipped then refund it immediately. There is a small cost to doing this.

For FBA there is nothing you can do.

I do wonder what makes people do this. It could be a competitor trying to damage your metrics or it could be a mental health issue. Who knows?

With Amazon, customer is king and there is no way to ban bad customers.


Contact seller support and ask them to cancel any future orders from your store. If the first rep refuses, try again with someone else.


It might be wise to recall those returns. It smells like they are swapping out goods or you have an activist that is bragging on their social media. They like to do stuff like that and brag to others so they can get likes for destroying your business. If your product would not be a target for an activist then it might be a thief swapping out the goods. That stuff is a felony so it is up to you…


Thank you all for the tips, I will try contacting Amazon and let you know

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I agree with @skeeter completely. I would go a step further, and file a complaint against the buyer.