Removing my US FBA inventory and shipping it to the UK

Hi all,

help needed. I currently have 265 units in the US marketplace. I want to remove these and ship them to the UK. I do not have an address in the US to create a removal order.

Does anyone know the best way to do this please?

I can’t find a third party haulage company that will let Amazon send to them and then they label and transport to the UK for me?

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Unfortunately, as you know, Amazon doesn’t facilitate removal orders from the US into different countries. The only solution would be to arrange a prep-centre or another facility to receive your parcel for you and arrange shipment to the UK.

However, this would be very unwise to do from financial point of view, since you would have to pay very high processing and handling charges, international shipping and import taxes and duties.

Liquidation or even creating a removal address to an US friend’s house would be a lot better. With liquidation, you could recover some value of the merchandise. A friend could keep the goods and ship them to you or sell them on eBay for you.