Remote fulfillment from Canada

Hello everyone ,

I’m selling products in Canada , my FBA inventory is in Canada but I want to sell to customers in the US. Does remote fulfillment with FBA work in Canada or is it only available for the US with the inventory that is physically in the US?

Yes, remote fulfillment with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) works for sellers in Canada who want to sell products to customers in the US. With FBA, you can store your inventory in Canada while still fulfilling orders for customers in the US. When a customer places an order from the US, Amazon will handle the shipping and delivery process from your Canadian inventory to the US destination. This enables you to expand your customer reach without the need to hold inventory in the US. It’s a convenient and cost-effective solution for cross-border selling, as Amazon takes care of the logistics, customer service, and returns on your behalf. Just ensure your products are eligible for cross-border shipping, and you can start selling to US customers seamlessly using FBA in Canada.