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Hi Kika !
My account is suspended because it is related to an account violation. I don’t have any other accounts and can’t figure out what’s going on. Can you help me write a plan? thank you !


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Hello @TonnyNguyen,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to a related suspended account.

When your account gets suspended due to being related to another seller account which may not be used to sell on the site, it means that Amazon detected that it shares some information with another storefront, which is currently suspended.

It could be anything - e-mail address, phone number, bank account, credit card, inventory, SKU patterns, IP address usage patterns…

The link could have been created without your knowledge - maybe an employee logged into your account using his own computer or device, which was also used to access another account. Or someone else’s credit card was entered only to pay for an order in the buyer side of your account.

In order to appeal a suspension like this, you will firstly need to find the exact cause of the link.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t open a new Seller Account to circumvent the suspension, otherwise you will kill your last chance of being able to get reinstated.

Hi, @Kika !
Thanks for the response, following your suggestions the only thing that comes to my mind is possibly a duplicate IP address. In the past, I have shared computers with colleagues in the company, and I also know that one of them is also involved in selling on Amazon like me. Now how do I prove that Amazon can understand that I am not related to the other account. What should I do in a case like this?

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Unfortunately, sharing your computer with other Amazon sellers is a very bad idea, because once any of their Seller Accounts gets suspended, your account will be enforced as well.

You will need to reach out to your colleague who also has a Seller Account and ask him about its status.

He will firstly need to have his own account fixed before you can proceed to lifting your own suspension.

I contacted my colleague and learned that his account has been suspended for copyright infringement. Since my colleague is no longer using this account, I have asked him to close this account. He agreed and closed the account yesterday. Now what should I do next?

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No, you won’t be able to close down a suspended account

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Hello @TonnyNguyen,

are you sure that your friend had his account closed? Amazon never closes suspended account prior to them being reinstated.

Do you have any communication from Amazon to post there for clarification?

My colleague claims to have closed the account. He did not close the account at the seller site, he closed the account from the homepage.

I have submitted an account of this incident and have been recommended by Amazon support to the relevant account. And coincidentally it was the store name of a colleague. How do I write the plan and do I need to prove anything (attach documents) to be able to resolve this case?

This means that he only closed the Buyer Account, whilst the Seller Account remains suspended.

The only thing you can do is to make your colleague firstly have his own suspension lifted, before appealing yourself.

As @Kika says, suspended accounts cannot be closed. I think you are confused.

As you say it is too hard, his account has been suspended for copyright infringement.

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@vinhattieu281 Have you managed to get your suspension solved already?

@Kika I provided an explanation with the action plan but it was not accepted. In my explanation I admitted to sharing a computer with a colleague but it was too difficult to prove that I was not related to that account. Can you help me with an idea?


Please update your original thread which you started and post a screenshot of the Plan of Action rejection notice which you received from Amazon:

I think you are confusing something :slight_smile:

Besides closing the related suspended account, is there anything else I can do?

When your accounts are linked, then Amazon considers you both to be working together. Therefore this is the only known way how to get the account reinstated.