Hi everyone `

Can anyone recommend a third-party company that manually handles reimbursements for you? I know about Getida, but I am interested in others that do not rip you off .

Currently, I am using Seller Tool Kit, which does a great job, but I am considering outsourcing this completely.

All companies charge around same, but the biggest downside they only claim lost, warehouse damaged, and shipments when you provide invoice. As well with lost or damaged they claim anything what is still no overdue, charge you a fee and at kater date if stuff found amazon reverse payment but they dont.


Been using Trueops for 2 months and Getida before for a few years. 1st day Trueops recovered 52 reimbursements because Getida was dropping the ball. 10% is all they charge. They don’t charge if inventory is found, only if it’s a cash reimbursement. Been happy with them so far and definetly recommend.

Pass it on to va, all pretty simple when you done them few times, especially with stk