So I’ve been getting some returns which is pretty standard. I make Amazon send the damaged products to my home address as I like to inspect said damaged items. I’ve noticed that the only thing that is damaged is the fact that the products have been opened. Obviously a customer would need to open up a package to see if they actually want the product. These opened items are now being sent to me and marked as customer damaged. I am enrolled on the refurbishment service so I thought that amazon would repackage the items instead of marking them as damaged. Seller support isn’t helpful. Is there anywhere else I can go or do I just take the losses.

Hi @Mildred,

It comes down to CUSTOMER DAMAGED.

The unit was returned to stock in unsellable condition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the item itself is damaged (for example, external packaging may have been opened), but it cannot be sold again in this condition. When this happens, the customer is refunded but the unit stays in your inventory as unsellable. You can request to have the unit returned to you.

Condition codes

You might find that the repackaging service works better for your products.

FBA repackaging and refurbishment services

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Thank you @FunkyMonkey, somehow I am only seeing the Refurbishment option:

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