Reconciliation problems

Is there any way to see what orders are included in a particular disbursrment ?


Amazon pay in my account £236.54
were can i see the items that was purchased that are included in that amount ?

I know you can view transactions from date to date but how do you know whats included in which payment sent to the bank

at my wits end , i am trying to reconcile a vat quarter and have to split 0 rated kids from all other items !!

Please help

do you have vat service set up? if so get a vat report for the quarter and filter for kids clothes.

If not you can get a order report for the quarter and filter for kids clothing. You need to also take off kids clothing returns.

Are you referring to the regular Seller Central payments or the Amazon Pay service?

If you need help with Amazon Pay settlement reports, I would advise you to review this relevant “ Settlement reports” help page: