Recommended replenishment quantity

When replenishing stock, should I stock the quantity that amazon suggests?

For USA market try to get minimum 6 weeks of sales and maximum 8 weeks of sales in stock.

No, no. Restock based on the data you already have from selling that product and what you see in Keepa. Always look at the historical data and current situation to predict what is going to happen in the next few months.

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8 weeks of products, keep that in, anything can happen with supply, items can go oos and etc, so always buy in advance, and don’t follow any guidilines but yours.

Restock based on your sales history and what you see in Keepa. Look at past data and current trends to predict future demand and adjust your stock levels accordingly. It’s all about using your own sales info and tools like Keepa to make smart restocking choices.

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Replenish stock according to your product sales

Amazon assumes you are shipping in bulk from China with a lead time of 8-10 weeks. You should stock in your business based on how you ship and your shipping times so that you do not stock out. They are only giving you a suggestion.

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The numbers suggested by Amazon are generally good estimates, covering some 90 days of sales.

However, if you are worried about running out of stock, you can restock a slightly higher quantity than the estimate.

I always prefer shipping numbers ending with either 0 or 5.