Receiving Payments

I have been selling on here for some time now and business is growing.
However although I know that I have to download my money daily, I have never known how to check the
payments are right. On ebay there is a monthly statement and all seem correct. On Amazon, I don’t know how I can
check or see the overview for the last month. I feel that I have to just trust Amazon to get it right.
Surely that is not the only way?

You don’t have to request a disbursement every day. It’ll automatically disburse it to you every two weeks. Other sellers have reported that manual disbursements appears to result in a sales penalty (lower visibility, lower buy box, lower sales)

The main place to check transactions is Reports > Payments > Transaction view.

  • Orders should tally with the transactions.
  • Monthly invoices should tally with the fees charged to each of your transactions (Reports > Tax Document Library - also emailed to you around 2-3 working days into the next month)

It’s always worth double checking as sometimes the fees charged are incorrect.

I have never heard that mentioned, how did you find this out and how reliable is the source?

If that is the case then it must be affecting a lot of sellers as many of us take out funds every day. We do this with very good reason as there have been serious issues with disbursements and I could not afford to have two weeks worth of funds sitting in Amazon, with the chance that they may have one of their many glitches and not send it out to me.

There are reports that you can down load, either a detailed report or a summary report.

I tend to just look at my transactions daily under payments summary when I am requesting my payment and I can see what orders I am being paid for. Then I use a summary report for my accounting processes.