Reactivate account

My account was deactivated during a period of illness/recuperation from a serious accident. As I had zero mobility and no online banking capability at that time, my affairs were managed by a family member. In trying to subsequently settle up a deficit on my account, caused by a repayment to a customer claiming non-delivery, I encountered great difficulties, spending hours on the phone and hardly any less time in messaging, in attempting to pay back what I owed, something which I thought should be a simple matter. When I finally did get an account number, apparentl from the Amazon accounting department, my bank informed me that it was unauthenticated, or possibly insecure, and when I was in the process of making the payment was unequivocally told that it could not guarantee the monies in question. Is there an easy answer?

You will need to write a Plan of Action, contact @Kika for help

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