RA/OA Sellers

This topic is created for Amazon RA and OA sellers to discuss the ups and downs of the day to day arbitrage grind. Let’s discuss do’s and don’ts, tools and software, scanning and product analysis, you name it we’ll talk about it!


Tarrant Toolbox

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I have never used any arbitrage software, even though I would love to try it one day (to scan products on sale in my local stores).

I do some RA occasionally. My biggest tip for newbies is that RA is the last Amazon business model to try - suitable only for the most experienced sellers.

The hierarchy based on expertise starting from complete newbies should be:


2.Private label

3.Online arbitrage

4.Retail arbitrage



I am looking for sourcing app recommendations compatible with iPhone 13

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This is my favorite tool for sourcing. Most affordable with the most tools! Free trial offer too!!


The only thing about this list I disagree with is the fact that RA can be the most beneficial way to start selling on Amazon with a low amount of starting capital. You can go off of your budget a lot easier, BUT I highly recommend some training before hand. We offer a RA Quickstart mini course to get people up and running. Designed to get your account active then get your first shipment out to Amazon. I can drop a link for that. Here’s the best tool IMO on the market for price vs amount of data. I LOVE THIS TOOL!!!


@TarrantToolbox how does the process work when you wish to obtain an affiliate link from SellerAmp? It would be handy for me as well, since I could include it on my blog.


My partner sets up the affiliates. I believe you can just contact them at [email protected]