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Our VA’s are in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. You just have to give them access through user permissions in your seller central settings. Let me know if you have any questions about user permission setup. Also, we use Upwork and VA placement to hire our VA’s. Although VA placement just went up in their price so we have now hired ours that were through them direct. Also, we make sure to pay the extra fees for them to get their customary end of year bonuses. Different countries do different things so it’s wise to look this over.



Anyone here use Zoof?

I did but deleted it. I think junglescout and helium10 are the older and more popular ones.

First you must decide how you will source. RA, OA, WS, or PL

I am looking for Helium 10, do you have a shared version?

What do you mean by shared version? I have a link that I can share for you to sign up, but if you mean an actual account that I share with people, I do not.

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Can I pay someone to share their access to the app and save money? Or how does it work? I am a newbie

I have heard of people that do this but never known anyone personally.

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Do you have any suggestions for ASIN tracking software?

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If you’re needing inventory software we’ve used inventory lab for quite some time and love it. Very easy to create shipments with it too. If you don’t mind answering, about how many active listings are you currently carrying?

Here’s our link for the Tools and Supplies we use/have used, you’ll find inventory lab on there:

Ultimate Retail Arbitrage Tools & Software


If you’re needing to just evaluate products with a tracker I believe you can use Keepa for that.

I was wondering if there is any tool, app, extension or API I could use to extract key data points of any ASIN into Google Sheets or Excel.

Data points are sales rank, price, Last_30_Day Sales, Buy Box Rotation, Inventory On Hand. Plus, the data should be historical day-wise of all the aforementioned data points.
I have used Keepa and it does not have what I am looking for.

Can someone guide me in this matter?


Hi everyone,

what is the best software to use to search for products in Canada ? I’ve tried Jungle Scout but there’s a lot of information missing!

Thank you


Helium 10 is best software for private label items product research and validation.

You can get better insights on helium 10 rather than jungle scout.

You can try SellerAmp, I know that you can export data to sheets. I’ll tag you in above post where I have a link with 2 week free trial and then extra discount codes.

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@Joyce you’ll find the SellerAmp link inside here. Feel free to dm me for any questions you might have :+1:

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@masters20 in here you will find a link for SellerAmp, this is what I recommend for product analysis. If you’re looking more for PL software you should check out helium 10 instead. There is a link for that as well. You can dm me anytime with questions :+1:

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Hi all, curious on your software package set up? For example - BBP/Skuify and Profitprotector pro, or SAS / STK / STK repricer - also Hubstaff or VA monitoring software
Which ones do you use?

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Has anyone ever used the platform globalsources to source branded products for wholesale ?
Are the suppliers ligid there?
Looking for suggestions?